Good Design is Good Business.

This is the philosophy that has guided Mozingo + Wallace for the past 25 years. We believe in Leading by Design.  In other words, we expect architecture to stimulate and uplift the human spirit, feed both the mind and body, and provide solace within one’s environment. Good Design informs, entertains, educates and offers comfort. Mozingo + Wallace also adds that it must be responsible to the client’s needs and budgets; it must be functional, designed for endurance, and  respectful of our environment; it should reflect the community’s history and culture, binding the present with the past while incorporating the latest technology.


Good design is best achieved by an experienced and knowledgeable team, committed to the client’s goals, communicating with the client in a creative and responsible dialogue to create places that improve how we live and work. Each project and every client differs; therefore the ability to listen, comprehend and collaborate is paramount. Each project begins by listening to the client, acquiring an understanding of their program, objectives and aspirations. Working collectively ensures a sound design solution and a successful project.


Good design does not simply result in an attractive building. It is the outcome of the development of a mutually creative process between the architect and client, delivering a design solution that is unique and meaningful while exceeding the client’s aspirations and goals.This often means avoiding the path of least resistance, of not settling for the ordinary.  A traditional, one-dimensional approach will not always solve a project’s challenges. To develop a unique identity in any project requires increasing artistic value by utilizing a multi-dimensional approach incorporating the latest in technology, tools and talents.  Sometimes the design process is led by the form and sometimes by function. Always we consider what the user will experience!  Mozingo + Wallace articulates designs by using color, scale and form, thus creating exciting environments and spaces that harmonize with human needs, always maintaining the best objectives of our clients. 


Good design demands an investment in time, yet does not need to be costly to achieve the desired solution. It can be accomplished through an open-minded process, supported by knowledge, technology, experience and responsible business practices.


The history and success of Mozingo + Wallace results from taking one’s big idea, engaging our clients, turning their dreams into reality, having fun in the process while reinforcing the philosophy of  “Good Design is Good Business”.

       "Good Design is Good Business" is a trademark slogan of the American Institute of Architects.